Stadium Banner Sales

Edgewater High School Football will finally advertise local businesses inside Frank E. Lough stadium. All you need is a $500 and a Hi-Res JPEG file to advertise your company on a 3’ x 6’ banner along the fence around the Edgewater track. Or put your face on it…it’s really up to you. Reach out to the Edgewater Athletic Director and he'll get you squared away.

Advertise your company while supporting your Eagles

Have a business? Want people to buy your products and/or services? PERFECT!

Let's be honest here, $500 to hang a banner with your company's info at just one Edgewater football game would be worth it. But your banner will not only be visible during football season. Your company’s banner will hang during the entire football season and the remainder of the year! That includes boy’s and girl’s soccer, lacrosse, flag football, track and field meets, and even local youth sports! 

This is a great marketing opportunity for any company (local, national, or internet based). There’s only so much space around the track and we're continuing to get interest as we ramp up towards the start of the football season. At this price, it WILL fill up quick and you don’t want to wait and end up on the sideline. Hit us up and we'll take care of you.


As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football. They need us!