As of March of 2022, Edgewater High School has been reclassified as Florida Classification 3 Metro (FL Class 3M) in District 3 (3M District 3). After more than a decade, Florida has decided to switch up how they assign classification levels to the High Schools across the state. Instead of classifying based solely on the amount of students, they've added an additional element based on location. For the upcoming years, schools will be divided into Metro (M), Suburban (S), and Rural (R). Metro and Suburban will have four classifications, numbered 1-4 while Rural will have just one.

So, where does Edgewater Football stand after the change? Simply put, we're still a big school, so we're in classification three. And since we're located in Orlando, we are considered a "Metro" school.

Regardless how we're classified, we still have to win. Check back here for updates on our progress!

This year 3M District 3 includes Wekiva, Horizon, and our cross-town rivals, Jones. Same as previous years, we'll play each opponent once and the winner of the District will receive an automatic playoff spot.

FL Class 3M is defined as schools enrolling 1,667-2,329 students and Edgewater High School falls within that range with a little more than 2,000 students. This year there are 65 total schools within this classification and there's no lack of talent. Although the classification will be tough, our Edgewater Eagles are up for the task.

State & National Rankings

State and National rankings don't necessarily matter when it comes to our position in 3M District 3 or FL Class 3M. But with the playoff positions using rankings to determine seeding, they're more important than before. It's nice knowing our state and national positions in comparison to other programs across all regions and classifications. With this in mind, we keep you up to date with both State and National Rankings.

They're updated weekly...feel free to leave a comment.

As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football. They need us!