August 27

Edgewater Takes Flight in Season Opener: The Battle of College Park

Edgewater Soars to Victory

In a thrilling season opener, the Eagles proved their mettle with a well-fought victory over Bishop Moore, finishing the game at Edgewater 24 - Bishop Moore 19. This was not just a game; it was the legendary Battle of College Park, and it's safe to say the Eagles lived up to their name.

Electric Opening Moments

The game set off on a high note, with an electrifying 38-yard pass from our talented Sophomore QB, Michael Clayton, to Senior WR AJ Howard. AJ's catch, amidst double coverage, spoke volumes of his skill, focus, and sheer determination. This momentum was perfectly channeled by Senior RB Kaden "K.D." Shields-Dutton, who ensured that the drive was crowned with a 3yd TD run.

But that wasn't all for the quarter. Senior DL Mylan Bowen made sure the Eagles' talons were felt with a forced fumble. And speaking of talons, Senior MLB Solomon "Philly" Tripline swooped in, picking up the ball and dashing 49 yards straight into the end zone, marking another TD for Edgewater.

Stellar Performances

With John Tew nailing a crucial 31-yard field goal and Caiden Harrison executing a strategic punt that penned Bishop Moore's offense within the 20-yard line, the Eagles showcased teamwork at its finest.

Yet, the star of the evening was undoubtedly Kaden "K.D." Shields-Dutton, who not only broke free for a 40-yard TD run but also turned a simple 7-yard hitch route into a breathtaking 47-yard catch and run. His stats for the night were just as impressive: 10 rushes amounting to 81 yards, 2 rushing TDs, and 2 receptions spanning 49 yards.

Bishop Moore did rally back, especially with their wide receiver #0, who posed quite a challenge for our defense. Yet, Edgewater's defense had its champions too, with Mylan Bowen and Solomon "Philly" Tripline putting on commendable performances.

Unwavering Spirit and Traditions

The atmosphere at Frank E. Lough Stadium was electrifying. The crowd, band, fans, and cheerleaders showcased unparalleled support. The band's halftime show was a spectacle in itself. And who can miss the "Eagle Walk" – a proud tradition led by the band, ushering in the football team and coaches into the stadium. The sight of red smoke and the consequent roar of the crowd as the Eagles took the field is an experience hard to put in words.

And then, the piece de resistance, every touchdown was celebrated with confetti shots from The Flock. Post game, one member of The Flock excitedly exclaimed, "First win of the season!! And there's many more to come. Bring on Clearwater!"

Taking The Victory Forward

With this victory setting the tone for the season, it's evident that the Eagles have grown leaps and bounds from their preseason game. As the first win in the Battle of College Park rivalry game, this success is a testament to the team's potential and a promise of many more thrilling matches to come. And maybe, just maybe, the school pep rally did sprinkle some extra luck and energy onto the field.

Join us next time as Edgewater continues its journey, riding on the wings of victory, commitment, and unparalleled support! 


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As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football. They need us!

As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football.

They need us!