August 21

Edgewater Football: Dive Into This Week’s Gridiron Galore!

Unveiling the Thrill: Edgewater’s Week 1 Electric Football Line-Up

Hello to the ever-enthusiastic Edgewater Football community! The air is thick with excitement, and we’re about to walk you through a week that promises unforgettable football memories.

This Week’s High-Octane Line-Up:

Freshman Game Highlights: Our new Freshman players are gearing up for a big start. They’ll be stepping onto the field against Bishop Moore this Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. This is their first big game, so be sure to catch a glimpse of the promising talent and the new football skills they bring to the table!

JV Team Updates: Once the energy-packed Freshman game wraps up and the skies begin to darken, it’ll be time for our JV team to shine. They’re scheduled to begin their game around 7:30 p.m., but keep in mind, this might shift a bit based on the earlier game. The JV squad has been putting in hours of practice and they’re eager to showcase their improved strategies and teamwork. So, make sure you’re tuned in to watch their exciting plays and high-energy moments!

Varsity’s Showtime: The big day is set for Friday night! With our stadium lights blazing and the ever-enthusiastic Edgewater fans ready to cheer, our varsity team is gearing up for a pivotal match. They’re facing off against the formidable Bishop Moore. Preparations have been intense; from rigorous practices to strategic sessions, they’ve been giving it their all. Remember, every touchdown, every tackle, it’s all for the pride of our school and the roar of the fans. Mark your calendars and get ready to support and witness some top-tier football action!

Looking Back:

In our pre-season scrimmage game we had a tough opening performance against a solid Seminole High School football team in just three quarters. During that time, we got to see many of the great skills and abilities our team has. It was a good preview of what our team might do this season.

Player Vibes:

After putting the Spring, Summer, and Fall camps in the rear view mirror, the players are really excited to strap up in a game that matters. They’re prepared and eager to play a complete game at home. They know how much the fans support them and want to do well for them. They’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

Echoes from the Stands:

Catching up with one of Edgewater Dad’s, we were able to get his thoughts on last week’s scrimmage and this week’s events.

“Friday, our boys took on Seminole and we didn’t get the win, but man, what a game for learning! Our Freshman and JV teams are kicking off their season is exciting. I can only imagine the excitement on those young guys faces! This coming Friday? I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one. After what they’ve seen and learned, our boys will definitely bring their A-game! Go Eagles!”

Hats Off to Our Pillars of Support:

A big, heartfelt thank you to our sponsors. Your consistent support means more than just funds and banners; it’s the backbone that drives every player, every game, every season.There you have it, Edgewater enthusiasts! Time to paint the town with our colors, ready those powerful voices, and join us in making football history this week. Onward, Edgewater! 🏈🔥🎉


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As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football. They need us!

As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football.

They need us!