June 3

Edgewater High School’s Exciting Annual Youth Football Camp


Youth Football Camp at Edgewater High School 2023

Are you ready for four days of football immersion? Look no further than Edgewater High School's annual Youth Football Camp, an experience filled with education, exhilaration, and the sheer joy of the game. Running from Monday, June 5th, through Thursday, June 8th, this camp promises young football enthusiasts a fantastic voyage into the world of football that they will never forget.

Held right at the epicenter of our football community - Edgewater High School Building 12, located at 3100 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, Florida 32804 - the camp features sessions each day from 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM. At a cost of just $150 per participant, this camp offers an exciting four-day football journey, from learning the basics to a little more advanced strategies. And if you're a last-minute planner, don't worry — we welcome walk-ups!

Our Edgewater High School football staff, full with experience, dedication, and a deep understanding of the game, will be guiding your young camper throughout this journey. Campers will dive deep into the world of football, learning about offensive and defensive strategies that make football the fascinating sport it is. Furthermore, participants will get a chance to understand specific positions on the field, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in their chosen roles.

In addition to strategic and positional learning, speed training forms a critical part of our program. As any football fan would know, agility, quickness, and stamina are integral to football. Our coaches will work closely with the campers, helping them enhance these physical skills, essential for their growth as football players.

Yet, football isn't just about strategies, positions, and speed; it's also about competition, sportsmanship, and fun. Our camp incorporates several fun competitions designed to encourage camaraderie, build team spirit, and develop resilience among the young athletes. It's all about learning to give your best, supporting your team, and maintaining your positive spirit.

To ensure the safety and comfort of our campers, we advise participants to bring cleats and water to stay hydrated. Please remember to bring your own mouthpiece as well.

Edgewater's Head Coach, Cameron Duke, holds the Youth Football Camp very close to his heart. For him, it represents an opportunity for the Edgewater Football program to serve the community and inspire the budding athletes. Coach Duke cherishes the opportunity to share his love for the sport and teach the kids, instilling not just football techniques but also invaluable life lessons such as teamwork, discipline, and respect.

In essence, the Youth Football Camp is more than a mere camp. It's a platform for learning, a celebration of football, and a testament to Edgewater's commitment to nurturing young talent. It's about igniting passion, promoting good values, and fostering a sense of belonging. So, tie up your laces, bring your enthusiasm, and join us for four unforgettable days of football fun and learning. We're thrilled to meet you and can't wait to embark on this exciting journey together. See you on the field!


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As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football. They need us!

As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football.

They need us!