June 4

Edgewater High School Football Summer Calendar 2023

Edgewater Eagles' Football: Charting Our Summer Course Toward Championship Glory!

Hello, Eagles! We hope you're as excited as we are because Edgewater High School Football is back with an exhilarating summer line-up that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping and the spirits soaring! From honing skills in football camp to intense 7 on 7 competitions and community bonding trips, we've planned it all. This summer is about getting stronger, playing harder, and building up to a fantastic fall season, culminating in a thrilling run for the state championship. So let's gear up, Eagles, for a summer of greatness!

The calendar is up for your viewing pleasure...click here.

From June 5-8 and June 19-22, we kick off with our Youth Camp. It’s time for our young athletes to step into the limelight and sharpen their skills!

On June 6, join us for the Athletic Physicals Night, a crucial step to ensure that all our Eagles are in top shape for the season.

Next up, the UCF 7 on 7 competition on June 10, an invite-only event focusing on passing skills and strategic play.

June 12 marks the start of our Summer Football Camp. Ready for some exciting drills and camaraderie?

On June 14, we're at the UF 7 on 7 and back at UCF on June 15 for another round of high-octane action.

June 21 will see us at the FSU 7 on 7, where we'll take on some of Florida's finest high school football teams in a thrilling showdown.

Our Eagles are flying overseas from July 9-13 for the Guatemala Trip. It’s not just about football; it's also about community service and strengthening team bonds.

We're back on the field from July 19-21 for the FCA Camp, focusing on character-building and camaraderie.

July 30 is all about getting our house in order. Join us for the Fall Football Clean Up as we prepare our nest for the upcoming season.

The very next day, July 31, the Fall Football Camp Begins. The journey to the championship starts right here!

Come August 18, experience the electricity of a pre-season game under the lights at the Kickoff Classic @ Seminole at 7 PM.

August 23 is when our future stars take the field for the Freshman / JV Games v. Bishop Moore.

And finally, on August 25, we start the season with a bang! It’s the "Battle of College Park" Week 1: Bishop Moore v. EAGLES at 7 PM. Come cheer us on!

So, mark your calendars, Eagles! It's time to fly high and aim for greatness. Let's make this summer unforgettable and pave the way for a victorious fall season.


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As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football. They need us!

As our athletes compete on the field, let's compete for them off of it. 

Support Edgewater Football.

They need us!